PlayStation Remote Play under-utilized and not Talked About

There is a lot of talk about cloud gaming in today’s gaming world through Sony’s PlayStation Plus Premium, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, or NVidias GeForce Now. All of these services promise the ability to play your games remotely wherever you are via your mobile phone, smartphone, or tablet. I’ve noticed on various social media sites, and PlayStation centric pages that many fans that own a PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 and are active on social media are either unaware, or neglect to mention that they can already play their games on their devices.

While Microsoft and Xbox gamers are continuously pushing and making Game Pass front and center and also hammering the ” day one release + play anywhere” message, PlayStation gamers are not doing the same despite having the same benefits although with some minor differences in the setup.

If you own a mobile phone or tablet that runs Android, Apple, or Windows, then you can play any PlayStation day one release anywhere by installing the Remote Play App. Once you’ve linked your device to your PlayStation, you can then access the game remotely via Wi-Fi or via mobile data through your wireless provider. It is here where PlayStation gamers seem to neglect pushing this narrative.

A quick overview of the setup process looks like this:

  1. Install the Remote Play App.
  2. Open the Remote Play App and register your PlayStation.
  3. Connect to your PlayStation.
  4. Play all the games you’ve downloaded to your console via streaming. You can also play all.

In addition to having all the games available in your pocket, you also have access to all of the games on PlayStation Plus Premium in your pocket.

In order to stream any game in the PlayStation Plus Premium catalog to your mobile device requires you to first download the game that you are interested in onto your console. Once the game is downloaded, you can then stream the game to your mobile device.

I am assuming that the reason you cannot directly stream a game from PlayStation Plus directly to your phone through the Remote Play app is because it would result in a laggy experience. This makes sense because the PlayStation device would need to stream the game from Sony’s servers and then stream that stream directly to your phone. So, it makes better sense to download the game and then stream it.

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