Sony’s PlayStation Division Takes A Play Out of its Movie Division

PlayStation studios head Hermen Hulst has recently stated in an interview with Axios that some PlayStation exclusive games will be made available on PC at least within one year post launch on the PlayStation 5. With this strategy, it follows the traditional route that Sony Pictures head guy in charge Tony Vinciquerra stated about continuing to release movies directly in theaters before heading to other platforms.

Why it makes sense

I spoke about this type of strategy directly with my friends the other day so I’m glad to hear it finally confirmed by the head guy in charge. This makes absolute perfect sense because it extends the life of the videogame just like movie studios extend the life of their movie releases. The following list shows this in action.

  • Gamers who play the latest release at launch day —-> Movie Theatre goers
  • Gamers who wait to play the game at a discount —–> Blu Ray movie purchasers
  • Gamers who game, but have other priorities such as completing a different game and dealing with life —– Watch on television

As the game works its way through its cycle, it hits a new group of gamers with each cycle. I picked up on queues when they first released God of War and Spiderman on PC.

Sony deserves praise for ensuring that all gamers get a chance to play their blockbusters whenever it suits them best. By keeping the game front and center based on the gamer they are targeting, it helps extend the life of the game. Some other services just place the game on the front page of new releases for about a month or two and then it fades away into the background similar to that movie on Netflix that you wanted to see but forgot to add to your watchlist or, you did add it to your watchlist only for it to be removed because it’s no longer on the service.

This makes absolute since that PlayStation would want to do this to ensure they reach the most gamers. I personally support this strategy.

I am currently one of the gamers in the 3rd bullet in the list. It is taking me forever to complete Ratchet and Clank Rift apart. While it’s taking me forever to complete it, the mere fact that knowing I will have another blockbuster to play after I complete Ratchet and Clank is good news. This applies to all gamers in this list.

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