PlayStations Remote Play Functionality Has Come A Long Way

The Remote Play functionality that PlayStation offers which allows PlayStation gamers to play their games remotely has been improved upon significantly. I’ve become more interested in being able to access and play the games I’ve purchased on my PlayStation wherever I happen to be since I’m no longer as static as I used to be. I am now constantly on the go whether it’s traveling out of state somewhere with a friend, visiting family out of state, sitting in the breakroom on lunch on the rare times I have to go into the office, or just going to my parents’ house to chill out.

I’ve known PlayStation has offered Remote Play functionality for some time, but I’ve always found it to not be of much use because you needed to always be connected to a Wi-Fi connection and most, if not all, people know there are no GOOD or decent free public Wi-Fi hotspots and I’ve never had a reason to utilize it at my house since that is where my PlayStation actually lives.

However, now that 4G LTE and 5G are standard in the US and with Sony pushing out an update which allows you to use remote play over mobile data, I decided to revisit this feature and it is definitely worth taking a look for yourself.

The video I made below was done inside my car and shows me using the Remote Play functionality in a 5G area downtown in an online battle of Tekken 7. I will reiterate that I played an online match and not an offline match. The input lag was very minimal if nonexistent. The lag was not any more noticeable than if i was playing an online match at my house via hardwire. I also won the match.

My PlayStation 5 is hardwired, and I have gigabit speed, so I am sure this played a significant part in a stable connection in cojunction with a stable 5G mobile data connection.

With these promising results, it is now safe to say that I can actually get Day One releases available on my phone or tablet and have continuous access to them wherever I happen to be at the moment under the PlayStation ecosystem. In addition, I will also own the games and will not have to worry about them vanishing off the service anytime soon. Tekken 7, although a PlayStation 4 game, was the best game to sample due to its combo execution and constant movement for adapting to your opponent. I was testing the input/response lag and it was pretty much nonexistent. If you notice in the video none of my combos dropped.

I think this is very good. You can now purchase your games through the PlayStation App and then immediately start playing them via your mobile device. This means anywhere you are is your PlayStation. Ok, that was cheesy, but it was still good.

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